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  • PoliPoli to bridge the gap between politicians and citizens 19th August 2018
    A 19-year old student from Keio University in Japan thought of an innovative solution to bridge the gap between politicians and citizens in terms of communication. Kazuma Ito, the mind behind the idea, built the application PoliPoli which utilizes innovative technologies to aid communication and connection of said target users.
    Sharie Ingente
  • ReadyPlayGo  sets out to revolutionize the entertainment gaming industry 10th August 2018
    Gaming has always been a popular form of entertainment, the challenge and thrill of winning attracting players of all kinds then and now. With today’s technology, a diverse array of games has been made available for enthusiasts. Unfortunately, Apple App Store and Google Play do not allow all forms
    Sharie Ingente
  • Xarbon digitizes Carbon Assets through the NEM Blockchain 3rd August 2018
    Laying the backdrop: Carbon assets, a new commodity Before going through the discussion of digitizing carbon assets, let us take a step back to explain how this new commodity came about. In 1997, an agreement was made under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) that called the
    Sharie Ingente

NEM Projects


Apostille is a holistic blockchain notarization system. In this system, notarizations are not static one-time timestamps, but instead can now be dynamic, moving, changing, and updatable values on the blockchain.

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Hot/Cold Wallet

NEM Hot/Cold Wallet: The First Ever NEM Cold Offline Wallet You Can Use To Send And Receive Funds

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ioNEM combines Internet of Things with the blockchain.

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Landstead uses NEM blockchain technology to create a registry of land and property, allowing government and citizens to co-create an open blockchain system that can be trusted and consulted by interested parties.

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NEM Authenticator

NEM Authenticator is a mobile application that provides a 2 Factor Confirmation to secure your account assets from being stolen.

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NEM DNS demonstrates how the NEM blockchain can be used for a smart, decentralized and reliable DNS service for internet services, for example the translation of domain names to IP addresses.

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NEM ICO Project

NEM Initial Coin Offering (ICO) example project aims to be a collaborative project that shows a working project of How to create a ICO with NEM Blockchain.

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NEMPay is an app to transfer assets in an easy way, directly from mobile devices, using NEM Blockchain.

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NEM Tools

Set of NEM tools that help the user in common tasks

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Create a Secure SAAS Application Using the NEM Blockchain.

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PacNEM is an open source multiplayer Pacman browser game. It is a showcase for how easy it is to integrate blockchain features into games or applications.

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