Marketing Bounty Program

The NEM team actively encourages the community to be involved with NEM marketing.
We welcome and reward good writers and artists for our bounty program.

Published articles bounties

If you have published an article. Please contact us for a reward.

  • $150 for self published articles.
  • $750 for articles published in mainstream media.

Youtube Videos

If you have published a youtube video. Please contact us for a reward, and we can add it to our community youtube channel.

  • $50 for a basic video.
  • Up to $250 for the most well produced videos.

Blog posts for the NEM Blog

Rewards: $100 to $1,000


  • Writing
    The best way to write a blog is in Markdown, which is the language used to write posts in the NEM forum and is easy to use. is a very good Markdown preview site. Please make sure your pics/infographics have proper hosting links on a third party hosting site. A guide to write accordingly  can be found here.
  • Sharing
    The best way to share with the NEM team is to paste the code into a Google doc and share that.
  • Post voice
    Blogs can be written like articles that discuss a topic or “how to” tutorials.
  • Example post

Sign up Form

If you are a writer and want to contribute to our project please fill this form and we will contact you. New topic suggestions from the community are always welcome and appreciated, please fill this form with your suggestions for us to consider.

If you want to contribute to our project please fill this form and we will contact you*.

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*We advise you to not start working without contacting with us first.