NEM Projects

All NEM Projects listed on this page are open source projects built by NEM community members.

Hot/Cold Wallet

NEM Hot/Cold Wallet: The First Ever NEM Cold Offline Wallet You Can Use To Send And Receive Funds

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ioNEM combines Internet of Things with the blockchain.

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Landstead uses NEM blockchain technology to create a registry of land and property, allowing government and citizens to co-create an open blockchain system that can be trusted and consulted by interested parties.

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NEM Authenticator

NEM Authenticator is a mobile application that provides a 2 Factor Confirmation to secure your account assets from being stolen.

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NEM DNS demonstrates how the NEM blockchain can be used for a smart, decentralized and reliable DNS service for internet services, for example the translation of domain names to IP addresses.

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NEM Faucet

You can get mainnet XEM for free. You can get a small amount XEM by twisting Faucet once every four hour. To access the Faucet you  only need a NEM Address from Nanowallet.

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NEMid, a secure way to sign in for the modern era. Using secure public key cryptography, NEMid can sign you into compatible websites and apps with only a NEM account through a standalone application.

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NEM Key Recovery Service

KRS is great when a user wants to use a third-party service (e.g., a wallet), but wants to make sure he can access his funds if the service shuts down, he forgets his password, or he loses faith in the service.

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NEM Microwallet

The NEM Microwallet is a Chrome extension that allows the user to have some of the NEM features in a fast and accessible way

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NEMPay is an app to transfer assets in an easy way, directly from mobile devices, using NEM Blockchain.

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NEM PayContent.JS

The idea is to enable easy to implement micropayment for all web content creators. The plugin is lightweight javascript and will ask the users of a website to pay a small onetime payment for viewing the page content. The use case could be viewing articles, blogs, images, download pages etc. .

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NEM Tools

Set of NEM tools that help the user in common tasks

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NEM Vote

The NEM voting platform is a new NanoWallet module that allows anybody to create and vote on polls stored on the NEM blockchain.

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NEMp3 is a download payment web app, utilising the NEM API to combine unique customer IDs with purchases, published to the NEM blockchain.

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Create a Secure SAAS Application Using the NEM Blockchain.

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PacNEM is an open source multiplayer Pacman browser game. It is a showcase for how easy it is to integrate blockchain features into games or applications.

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Woocommerce payment plugin

With little knowledge about WordPress and Woocommerce, we were able to create a distributable WordPress plugin that lets any shop around the world securely accept XEM in their shops.

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XEMsign is a multisignature transaction signing client that can be utilised on the nem network.

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Community Funded Proposals


Apostille is a holistic blockchain notarization system. In this system, notarizations are not static one-time timestamps, but instead can now be dynamic, moving, changing, and updatable values on the blockchain.

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CopyrightBank is a project proposed by the NEM community whose purpose is to register and verify the copyright of various categories of digital creations, being entirely powered by NEM with a solid business model aimed at consumers, companies and governments.

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The LuxTag solution is a real-life-notarization certification solution to prevent counterfeit (proof-of-authenticity), theft (proof-of-ownership), and to offer big-data to brands which is implemented on the blockchain

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NEM Library

NEM Library is an abstraction for NEM Blockchain using a Reactive approach for creating Blockchain applications.

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Community Proposals

The Community Fund DAO was set up to promote the development of the NEM ecosystem by funding NEM start-up companies to help jump start their businesses. It is open to everyone.

Here you can check the minimum requirements in order for an application to be considered.