NEM is Your Blockchain Engine

NEM was built from the ground up to be simple for developers to use. Whether you want to build on top of NEM with your favorite programming language or interact with the NEM core in Java (soon to be C++), NEM’s blockchain has a lot to offer in power, scalability, and ease of use.

If you’re new to blockchains, NEM was created to be your entry point into the blockchain industry. If you’re an experienced developer, NEM has the power you need to create cutting edge blockchain apps.

Dive into our Developer Documentation

Our detailed NEM development documentation is provided via our documentation site. Below are some shortcut links that may be a good place to start.

Important Features for Developers

Experiment or Develop with NEM's "Nanowallet"

Nanowallet is the official wallet of NEM, including user-facing modules that add to its base functionality. In addition to letting you create a place to store and transfer your “XEM” coins (NEM’s public crypto-currency), Nanowallet give you access to some of NEM’s features to start creating your own Smart Assets:

Create your own Namespace

No need to remember a long address when sending XEM. Once a namespace is created, it will be linked to the address that created it and any XEM sent there will go to that account.

Create your own Mosaic-based cryptocurrency

Using NEM Namespaces and Mosaics (customizable fixed assets), you can create your own cryptocurrency on the NEM blockchain in a few clicks.

Changelly Module

Buy XEM with US dollars or other “fiat” currencies with this interface to the Changelly exchange service

Address Book

Track and manage transactions within Nanowallet

Voting Module

Use Nanowallet to vote on open source projects, corporate governance, and anything else you can imagine

Connect with the NEM Development Community

Dev Tech Support

  • For general discussion about NEM, including development questions, see our Community .
  • We also offer a dedicated technical discussion area on the official NEM Forum.
  • If you join our Telegram Group, you can receive an invite to the Telegram Tech Chat.

NEM Open Source Projects

NEM has a lot more projects on Github. We would love you to contribute to these or start your own. Get engaged and fork away!

Earn Some XEM Bounties

NEM offers multiple types of bounties, allowing anybody to earn XEM for their contributions to NEM. Whether you are a developer, writer, blogger, youtube creative, or even an enthusiastic user, take a look at the Developer Bounties or the Marketing Bounties.