As of January 25th, the bounty program is not available. It may reopen again in the future.

Developer Bounty Program

NEM’s developer bounties offer rewards for all proficiencies . From the experienced Dev to the aspiring student, there is XEM to be earned.

Our Bounties range from detecting bugs, to building apps on top on NEM.

Bug bounties can be earned by following the steps listed here. For large scale application or module bounties, fill out the contact sheets below.

Development Project Bounties

Rewards: $500 to $10,000


  • A working demo written in ES6 Javascript running on nodejs (preferred language). Depending on the project scope and with prior discussion, projects can also be written in Python, C++, C#, PHP, Java, GO.
  • Open-sourced code on Github under an MIT license
  • A detailed “how to” blog explaining exactly how the project was built and walking through others on how to build it as well as a tutorial for users will receive higher bounties.

Development Bug Bounties

Nanowallet bug bounties

Rewards: $100 and up


  • To receive a bug bounty, simply post the detailed issue. These must be made in Github and have the payout address included. The issue must not be a duplicate of an already submitted issue.
  • There will be an additional amount paid for a pull request that is accepted per each bug.

NIS bug bounties

Rewards: $500 to $20,000


  • Bugs range in severity from minor to critical.
  • NEM Developers have extensively tested NIS. If a critical bug is found, the reward is very generous.

Android & iOS bug bounties

Rewards: $100 and up


  • If you experience a problem, try to make a detailed description (report your device, OS version and app version) and take screen shots if that helps understanding the issue. In order to receive  XEM, you must report the issue on github, accompanied with your XEM address.
  • There will be an additional amount paid for a pull request that is accepted per each bug.

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