Introducing Mijin

Public blockchains such as NEM allow anyone to join the network to freely share and receive data. However, most businesses require their information to be kept confidential. In such cases,  NEM provides a customizable approach through their permissioned ledgers an based on NEM technology, Mijin provides this powerful functionality. In such cases, NEM provides a customizable approach through a private permissioned ledger option based on the same NEM platform technology. Tech Bureau provides an excellent packaged NEM private blockchain solution in the form of their Mijin product.

NEM provides the ability to seamlessly build upon any previous systems that have been developed in the blockchain arena, without the need for rewriting any existing code.

"Our mission is to reduce the costs of financial infrastructure to 1/10th of present costs, by 2018."

Tech Bureau CEO, Takao Asayama

Tech Bureau is a FinTech and cryptocurrency company that develops software and services based on blockchain technology. Tech Bureau has developed Mijin the private blockchain software based on NEM technology, and Zaif, a Bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchange platform.

Main advantages

Low Development Costs

Mijin offers seamless integration with existing systems offering all the benefits from blockchain technology with minimal changes to the codebase.

Low Infrastructure Costs

Mijin blockchains operate on a peer-to-peer network that does not require expensive equipment nor redundant infrastructure.

Permission management

Being a permissioned ledger, Mijin allows its users to establish a secure and private peer-to-peer network with little to no setup efforts.

High Performance

Mijin is used in production environments delivering over 4.000 transactions per second (tps) and zero downtime.

Zero Downtime

Mijin infrastructure accomplishes zero downtime systems as long as there is at least one node that continues running on the network.

No transaction fees

Unlike it’s public counterpart, the private network does not require transaction fees to ensure network integrity.

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Mijin Enquiries

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