Partner companies have been an integral part of NEM development and success.  They’re here to make an impact on the NEM ecosystem and evolve the next generation of blockchain business. Partner companies have an international scope and have an interest in positively influencing NEM deployment and business adoption.

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Development Partner Companies

Tech Bureau Corp.

Tech Bureau is the cryptocurrency and blockchain  development company that developed Mijin. It uses  NEM technology coupled with developer technical know-how as a part of its Crypto-Fintech Lab. Tech Bureau also runs the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchange, Zaif. Blockchain consulting services are also being provided.

Contact: [email protected]

Dragonfly Fintech

Dragonfly Fintech is a block chain solution, providing a platform service for local or  international payments and settlements. Based on its patent pending business method, it aims to y disrupt the traditional SWIFT method and other forms of correspondent banking.

The services completely augment traditional Real Time Gross Settlement into a Real Time Transaction Settlement and remove the layers of inefficiencies found in the existing method of payment and settlement.

Contact: [email protected]

Atraura Blockchain

Atraura Blockchain is a leading technology company specializing in the development, integration and maintenance of Blockchain technology across many kinds of industry from finance to government or logistics. NEM aims to help our clients to stay competitive. Our consultancy service offers clients the latest in strategy, innovation and Blockchain adoption.

Contact: [email protected]

Blockchain Global

Blockchain Global, established as Bitcoin Group in 2014, has become an influential presence in the blockchain industry. In particular, the company has experience in the Bitcoin blockchain. This is demonstrated with the company conducting Bitcoin Mining itself and supporting the development of software applications related to the Bitcoin Blockchain. In addition to the mining activities, the company has established a consultancy business, Bit Technology, which advises on the utilisation of blockchain in the growing list of commercial applications. The company has also developed an incubation hub & fund, Bit Fund, which is predominately focused on aiding companies that have a focus on commercialising blockchain technology.

Contact: [email protected]


Kchain is a leading blockchain SI company specializing in the development, integration and maintenance of NEM technology for local Korean enterprises. Kchain offers clients consultancy as well as education in the Blockchain adoption. Kchain is developing a new Blockchain Philanthropy Platform created with NEM technology, aiming to build a better society and improve lives.

Contact: [email protected]

LuxTag powered by NEM

The LuxTag project applies the NEM Blockchain Technology commercialy into the brand protection industry. Certificates of authenticity are created as accounts on the NEM Blockchain, in order to prove genuinity of products. Ownership is tagged through NEM’s unique on-chain multisignature contracts; and as a result, manufacturers and brands can suddently visualize the lifetime journey of their merchandise.

LuxTag was incorporated in late 2016 and is doing the first commercial pilot implementation in 2017.
LuxTag is a project of Cyberblox Sdn.Bhd. (formerly known as RST Global Sdn.Bhd.), based in Cyberjaya/Malaysia. Cyberblox aims to be a leading blockchain application development house and will start to service the public from 4Q/2017 with consultancy, development and system integration.

Contact: [email protected]

Sumeru Inc.

Sumeru Inc. is a global consulting company providing services in cyber security, data analytics and cloud based solutions. Sumeru is currently in process of developing blockchain based solution for one of the world’s largest volunteer based organizations with a presence in more than 165 countries. The solution based on the NEM technology will have identity of patrons in blockchain, perform transactions in various currencies involving various banks, it will also manage the database of the workshops, and volunteer based programs conducted by the organization.

Contact: [email protected]


The Dtk is a open source framework for managing all your IT tasks and workflows. It unifies the management & configuration of infrastructure, applications & 3rd party services across public and private clouds. Reactor8, the company behind the Dtk project provides consulting and system integration services in the areas of big data & enterprise blockchain deployments. For the NEM ecosystem open source deployment and management modules are available for private NEM deployments as well as application integration services for connecting enterprise apps with the
public NEM blockchain.

Contact: [email protected]

Asta Solutions

Asta Solutions has been successfully providing End-to-End IT services in Australia for 18 years. Their services have evolved with industry changes and are today a true cross-platform IT services company, including blockchain development.
Our mission is to become an employer of choice and the preferred service integrator to the small-medium enterprise (SME) market in the Asia-Pacific region.

Contact: [email protected]


RapidQube puts medical records securely on the blockchain in an easily accessible way making sure clients records stay confidential, but also giving access to approved medical professionals.

As a next-generation disruptive technology solution provider having its core competency in building solutions using distributed ledger technology and an ecosystem that includes AI, BigData, and IoT. RapidQube specializes in building applications using Nem/Mijin based platform across various industrial domains by use of its innovative algorithms and design patterns.

Contact: [email protected]

Zeus Exchange

We bridge global financial markets & crypto. Zeus Exchange empowers everyone to trade in both classic financial assets and crypto assets with crypto currencies all in a single platform.

Each real share is divided into multiple smaller crypto shares; these smaller shares are affordable for almost any investor in the world. They are supported by the stability of the base share, which makes the investor a virtual shareholder of this company in the crypto world of Zeus. Crypto traders can buy and sell crypto shares on the exchange, earning money in crypto stocks as their price is similar to the price of a real deposited share. A formal contract with a broker ensures stability and protects against the unpredictable rate change volatility that is common in the existing crypto exchanges: each crypto share is bonded to a real share in the traditional stock market.

Contact: [email protected]

He3Labs Consultancy & Development

He3Labs is an elite technology consultancy and development firm focused on architecting, prototyping, and deploying system solutions to our clients' real-world business and social needs using blockchain technology. From tokenization of business models and assets to integration with enterprise IT systems, He3Labs will help you take best advantage of blockchain technology. He3Labs is fully familiar with the NEM public blockchain, Mijin NEM protocol private blockchain deployment, and more.

Contact: [email protected]

Public Relations Partner Companies

Transform Group

Transform Group, LLC is a full-service public relations, social media and marketing strategy firm. With an international client base covering a number of industries, including , financial communications, media/entertainment, consumer electronics and consumer products.With a presence in New York City, Silicon Valley, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and San Juan, Puerto Rico, Transform Group is dedicated to creating and sustaining industry leadership positions for its clients through superior strategy, relationships, market intelligence and consistent execution.

Contact: [email protected]

Marketing Partner Companies


The iCentric Agency is an integrated, full service digital agency, based in the UK The iCentric Agency works hard to establish strong relationships with each and every client. They provide a single source solution and ensure that your business receives online success fast. iCentric posses  a unique content management system which won the Barclays Best Business Innovation Award.

Contact: [email protected]

NEM lists partner companies here as an informational resource. NEM does not provide explicit endorsement for these companies, and cannot take responsibility for the quality of their work.