The LuxTag solution is a real-life-notarization certification solution to prevent counterfeit (proof-of-authenticity), theft (proof-of-ownership), and to offer big-data to brands which is implemented on the blockchain. LuxTag blockchain certificates can be brandable, so anyone can know where a certificate is from, transferable person to person, updatable as an item’s status changes, and even conjointly owned as needed. This information of an item is highly secured by blockchain technology.

Currently, existing anti-counterfeit solutions are usually implemented with QRs, holograms, and NFC tags which are very easy to copy and not interactive.

But, LuxTag’s certificates are interactive and never can be copied on the blockchain. And also, it is as a holistic system for companies to embed into their existing brands. LuxTag comprises back-end, front-end (app or app integration), and product tagging via QR, NFC or serial numbers. Our tags connect to an account on the NEM blockchain which has the item’s full profile.