NEMPay is a mobile app developed by Atraura Blockchain that allows to send and receive NEM mosaics easily and securely. Just selecting the asset to be sent from the balance, typing recipient’s address and the amount to be sent, a quick transaction could be sent just in some seconds. Distributed as an open source solution, organizations and individuals can take advantage of NEMPay, using it as a boilerplate for creating their own NEM applications. An example of use case is the creation of an app to transfer assets such as tickets, coupons, stocks or even share representation, cutting cost of acquisition, as there is no need to code a new app.

Provided functionality

  • Wallet creation
  • View balance
  • View transactions
  • Send assets
  • Send xem
  • Scan QR
  • Share Address
  • Internationalization
  • Mijin Integration

The real value providing a mobile simplistic wallet is to allow non NEM experts to use the Blockchain without knowing deeply about it. Consequently, enable everybody to transfer assets without having a deep knowledge about NEM. 

NEMPay has been developed in Ionic, and currently available for Android and iOS.