NEM Vote

The NEM voting platform is a NanoWallet module that allows anybody to create and vote on polls stored on the NEM blockchain. Vote counting is made on the client with open source code to guarantee decentralization. It uses NEM messages and transactions for sending votes and utilizes Importance scores of the accounts for vote counting, which is very useful for community polls. Private polls can also be crated with a whitelist.

NEM is ideal for a voting system due to the importance score inherent to every account on the network, which provides a very interesting way to weight votes.

Organizations can also create indexes if they don’t want to pubish their polls to the public index, where all polls are sent by default.

The voting module can be found by downloading the most recent version of NanoWallet. The voting module will appear on the services tab, and from there you can choose to create a poll or to go to the main polls service, where a list of all the public polls can be seen and voted on. Also an options tab appears which allows you to manage other indexes or to search a poll directly by its NEM address.