PacNEM is an open source multiplayer Pacman browser game. It is a showcase for how easy it is to integrate blockchain features into games or applications. This game uses the NEM blockchain to reward players with various vanity tokens and for player high scores with NEM mosaics. Also, the PacNEM game integrates a Sponsor Engine which showcases how to implement instant payments in the advertisement industry for daily ad views with NEM mosaics.

PacNEM uses the NEM blockchain in many different ways and aims to be an example of possible implementations of NEM features in your games or applications. This includes a secure implementation featuring mosaics, payment processing, multi-signature accounts and multi-signature transaction co-signing – all this without the need of developing in-game wallets! You can let people play with their own NEM wallets!!

The PacNEM game development project includes a blog article describing some easy steps for the integration of the NEM blockchain in your games or applications using the Javascript NEM-sdk: