Download and Install the NEM Wallet

To get started on NEM, you will need a client to access the network. The NEM Wallet is a browser based client that will allow you to use all of NEM’s features easily. You can use the Smart Asset features on both on the Mainnet, which uses real XEM, or on the Testnet, which uses test XEM.

Get Some XEM

You can buy some real XEM from any of the following either with fiat or cryptocurrencies.

Secure your funds

Once you have acquired some XEM, you should proceed to secure your funds. In order to do so, you can use one of NEM’s most important features: Multi signature accounts. You can read more about securing your funds here.

Earn XEM through Harvesting

Furthermore, if you own more than 10.000 XEM you can earn transaction fees by activating the delegated harvesting on your account and even participate on our Supernode program. For more information, see our Harvesting Guide.

Find Out How NEM Can Help Your Business

If you’re interested in learning more about why NEM is the safest, easiest blockchain business solution, please contact one of our customer account managers here.

Advanced Topics

Now that you are acquainted with NEM’s basic features, feel free to try more advanced ones. We recommend you to do this on the Testnet.

Create a Namespace

In order to identify your custom tokens you must create your own namespace. Namespaces work similarly to domain names on the Internet. Learn more about them on our Namespaces Guide.

Create a Mosaic

A Mosaic could be as simple as a token, but it could also represent a set of more specialized assets like: reward points, shares of stock, signatures, status flags, votes or even other currencies. Create your own following our Mosaics Guide.

Apostille is NEM’s built-in notarization and authentication service. It instantly and inexpensively creates a hash (code number) of any file on your computer, including a timestamp and record of ownership. From that point on you can compare any future version of the file to the original. Apostille Guide.